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Pease consider serving on one or more of the following committees:
               Conducts an annual audit of the Association’s books.
                Compiles and publishes semi-annual/quarterly newsletter to the membership.
                Receives proposed amendments to bylaws, develops drafts for President and presents to membership for approval.
_____Conference Site Selection
                Researches and presents conference site alternatives and conference date to Board of Director for approval.
                Reviews applicants and selects recipients for the annual college scholarship program
                Solicits new members for the association.  Accepts or rejects applicants in accordance with the bylaws.
_____Plaques & Certificates
                Provides membership certificate to new members, suitable plaque for outgoing president and special plaques or certificates.
                Organize, plan, arrange and conduct the annual conference. Members desiring to serve as Directors and Officers must serve on this committee as a prerequisite.
_____Registration Desk at Conference
                Works with Executive Directors at Conference, welcoming members, presenting name tags, collecting information.  Only time commitment is AT CONFERENCE.
                Receives and reduces to writing any request for a resolution(s) from the President or Board of Directors.
_____Special Projects
                Works on special projects assigned by the Board of Directors to be presented at the annual meeting.
                Maintains the association web site and other technology projects as assigned by the Board of Directors.
_____CHAIRPERSON I am willing to serve as a Chairperson for one of the following committees.
                Organizes assigned committee to conduct the business of the association. Members desiring to serve as directors and officers must serve in this capacity.
Send an email letting us know of your interest
The strength of this organization stands with its volunteer network. We encourage your service and active participation in one or more committees. Bring your vision and ideas for improvement to share and help us better serve our fellow members.
Service on a committee results in enhanced skills to support personal and career growth. "Leaders are made, they are not born" Vince Lombardi