Sunday Tour Options

Discover Savannah on your own.

We will not have any specific group tours planned this year on Sunday.  There are just too many options and everything is within EASY reach of the hotel by trolley or walking.

If several people decide they want to join together for a quick mini-group excursion, feel free to contact Francie ( to get ideas.  Below are links we think you would enjoy.

In addition to the pictures below, we  have picked a few videos to share that offer a great review of SOME of your options:

Here is Visit Savannah’s channel to see everything, there’s a LOT to choose from! I also narrowed a few down for you to review:

Ya gotta come to Savannah:
The Segway Tours are available for 60 or 90 minutes
or try the trolley    

a great way to visit the many squares and parks. Visit: or

- or consider - The Savannah Victorian Cemetery Van Tour

Start out at Laurel Grove Cemetery visiting many of our local favorites, including Juliette Gordon Low, James Pierpont, Florence Martus, the Waving Girl and a Confederate burial ground.  Moving on from Laurel Grove sharing local history as we approach Bonaventure Cemetery. While at Bonaventure we'll visit local favorites, Johnny Mercer, Conrad Aiken, Gracie Watson and many more...

The Trolley is a great way to experience highlights of Savannah in 90 minutes… or hop on and off, and spend the afternoon

Into Walking?  check this out! the 3 You-Tube videos below offer several quick ideas.

WALKING TOURS with many options: Visit Savannah in 10,000 Steps Walk through Savannah’s iconic Historic District on a three-part journey of 10,000 steps. Two Savannah locals will show you how to see a large part of the city in a day, while meeting your fitness benchmarks. Join them for a 10,000-step guide to immersing yourself in Savannah’s historic architecture, park-like squares, attractions, restaurants and more. Strap on your pedometer, grab some comfortable shoes and let’s explore. cut and paste the links to your URL:

Part 1:

Part 2:

Part 3: 
    ~or ~ Grab a carriage ride or pedal bike ride 


Shops, Pubs, and restaurants are just steps away from our hotel - right next to the river!

  Day or night, you will find our location is tops!


Looking for a beach?  Just 20 minutes away is Tybee Island

Explore on your own !  Here are a couple of introductory videos.
Things to do on Tybee Island 
Tybee Island Light Station and Museum

Want to join a group departure?  A Van Tour is offered by Action in Motion Tours offering a relaxing ride to Tybee Island - you will learn about Fort Screven as well as the Tybee Lighthouse, then for the next 2 hours have time to relax on the beach, get a quick bit to eat tor shop and then return to downtown.


Hope you enjoyed taking a quick look at your options.   see you in Savannah!   ~   Your NPECA Executive Directors: Francie & Mike