Message From NPECA President, Erika Curtis

COVID19 and Conference

The COVID19 World pandemic continues to be an unprecedented situation for not only NPECA but for all.  The NPECA staff and Board of Directors have continually watched and discussed the decision about holding our 2020 conference as planned for April 19-21, in San Antonio, TX.  This decision has been a heavy weight for the board over the past month.  The news continues to break with new “shelter in place” orders across the US, more and more confirmed cases, in addition to the current state of the energy market.  There are so many variables playing into the decision, and all have to be considered and reviewed.
Given the uncertainty that remains, it is with a heavy heart we announce we will be canceling our 2020 conference.  
The decision to cancel conference has opened the door for new ways of communicating with our network of NPECA “family” Members.  We are all learning more ways to be flexible in how we work, interact and communicate.   We announced on Thursday the new hashtag of #NPECATilWeMeetAgain.  We may have to physically distance ourselves, but not on social media.  Please share your photos of how you are working and spending your days in this new world.  We would like to see each of our NPECA members!
The newly enacted sub-committee, announced in my last message, will be meeting regularly to review and plan new ways for NPECA to deliver the educational content we had planned for conference.  In addition, the sub-committee, will aid Mike and Francie in considering the financial impact on NPECA, and help in communicating with all parties involved, including you our Membership.  We will work as quickly as we can to reach out to each of our Members who registered for the 2020 conference.  Please watch for that communication in the near future.
In the meantime, I am sure you are wondering about your current registration and fees paid for conference.  We have determined two options, for you to choose from.  They are:

  1. NPECA will hold your conference registration and fees for next year’s 2021 conference in St. Petersburg, Florida.
  2. Receive a full refund for your 2020 conference registration fees.

For the great sponsors that we have each year for conference, thank you for your support of NPECA.  Mike Brittain will be in contact with each of you to discuss options.  We hope to deliver you more opportunities to display the support you have given to NPECA in the past and especially this year and next year.
I pray for the Safety and Health of all our NPECA members.  #NPECATilWeMeetAgain we will see each other on social media and then will all be together again in person in St. Petersburg, Florida in April 2021!
Thank you for your continued support in NPECA!!
Erika Curtis, President of NPECA