Presentation Handouts

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Dr. Jerry Teplitz, Jerry Teplitz Enterprises - Keynote

1) Keynote - Increasing Your Management Power To New Levels of Excellence
2) Sunday Session - Speeding to Effective Time Mastery - Working Smarter Not Harder

3) Sunday Session - Working Together - Effective Ways to Build Successful Teams

Matt Smith, Clipper Data - Keynote
Going With The Flows 18 Themes for 2018 

Shane Gilroy, Motiva
1) Blockchain in Pictures
2) Exercises

Mike Gullette, ABA
1) CECL: Quick Hits and Challenges
2) CECL: In-Depth Discussion

John Williams, Williams & Williams
1) Credit Applications 4-16-2018
2) Credit Applications 4-17-2018

John Schanne, Pepper Hamilton LLP
NPECA Presentation

Rhonda Buras, D&B
Business to Business High Risk & Fraud

Robert Alandt, VISA 
Fuel Segment Update 2018